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Toll Rates

The M50 motorway features a barrier-free tolling point operated by eFlow. Vehicles pass beneath an overhead camera gantry which records license plate information and assigns the appropriate toll charge. This toll charge is dependent on:

  • Vehicle type (e.g. motor car, heavy goods vehicle)
  • Whether the driver’s vehicle is registered with an eFlow Tag or Video account, any other tag provider, or is unregistered.

Why not register for an eFlow Tag or Video account? You’ll spend up to €1.00 less and you’ll avoid the 8:00pm next-day payment deadline. Find out more about the perks of an eFlow account – including the offers and discounts of the eFlow rewardcard.

Toll Charges for each class of vehicle†
Vehicle type eFlow Tag    registered        eFlow Video registered        Unregistered                         
Cars 2014 €2.10 2014 €2.60 2014 €3.10
Public service vehicles
(seating up to 8 passengers)
2014 €2.10
2014 €2.60 2014 €3.10
Buses or coaches
(seating more than 8 passengers)
2014 €2.90 2014 €3.40 2014 €3.90
Light goods vehicles
(unladen weight under 2,000 kg)
2014 €2.90 2014 €3.40 2014 €3.90
Goods vehicles
(unladen weight 2,000 to 10,000 kg)
2014 €4.20 2014 €4.70 2014 €5.20
Heavy goods vehicles
(unladen weight over 10,000 kg)
2014 €5.20 2014 €5.70 2014 €6.30
Tractor units for articulated vehicles 2014 €5.20 2014 €5.70 2014 €6.30

†VAT receipt available on request



Some types of vehicle and road user are exempt from paying M50 tolls:

  • Motorcycles.
  • Ambulances and fire brigade vehicles.
  • Vehicles used by members of the Garda Síochána or the Defence Forces in the performance of their duties as such members.
  • South Dublin County Council’s goods vehicles used in the performance of the functions and duties of South Dublin County Council.
  • Fingal County Council’s goods vehicles used in the performance of the functions and duties of Fingal County Council.
  • Vehicles used by the road operator or the toll operator, or any person appointed by the Authority to operate and maintain the M50 motorway, in the performance of its duties in relation to the M50 motorway.
  • Specially adapted vehicles driven by disabled persons.


Penalties for Non-Payment

If you’re not registered with eFlow or any other tag provider, use of the M50 toll road requires you to make your toll payment before 8:00pm the following day. If you do not make payment by this time, an extra penalty charge of €3.00 will be incurred.

If you haven’t paid the toll and the penalty within a further 14 days, an additional late penalty of €41.00 will be incurred.

Failure to pay this outstanding amount after a further 56 days will result in an additional late penalty charge of €102.50. If you have still not paid the amount due, legal proceedings may be initiated.