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M7 Motorway Toll Location, Charges & Payment

The M7 road is the main motorway route linking Dublin to Limerick. Journey times from Dublin to Limerick and vice versa have been reduced substantially as a result of the motorway completion with several large towns along the route now bypassed. The M7 motorway is a tolled road. The toll is operated using a conventional barrier toll plaza with availability of express electronic toll lanes for those motorists having a toll tag such as the one provided by eFlow. The National Roads Authority (NRA) in Ireland has responsibility for overseeing the implementation of tolling throughout Ireland.

The newer stretch of motorway which carries the toll plaza is often referred to by motorists as the Mountrath bypass toll, the Portlaoise bypass toll, the Dublin Limerick road toll.

Location of Toll Plaza on M7?

The M7/ M8 Portlaoise - Castletown/ Portlaoise – Cullahill road is located in the midlands of Ireland in County Laois. The toll road is on the N7 Limerick to Dublin route and also serves the Cork to Dublin route. The toll applies to the section of the M7 between Junction 18 (Portlaoise west) and Junction 21 (Borris-In-Ossory).

The toll applies to the section of the M8 where it joins the M7  between Junction 3 (Rathdowney) on the M8 and Junction 18 (Portlaoise West) on the M7.


Cost of the M7 Toll?

The costs of the M7 toll vary according to vehicle type and are subject to change. As of May 2012 the M7 toll charge for cars is €1.80.  To view current toll rates for all vehicles on the M7 toll click here.


Paying for the toll and How the eFlow electronic M7 Toll Tag Works?

Electronic tolling allows motorists to use electronic tolling lanes, thereby saving time and the need to carry cash when travelling through a toll road. Electronic tolling uses a small electronic tag that is placed in the vehicle and is detected each time your vehicle passes through the toll. The toll is then debited against the customer's account. The electronic tolling system automatically recognises the correct toll for the class of vehicle you are driving. eFlow’s toll tag works on all Irish tolls including the M7 toll.

To open an eFlow toll tag account click here.


Exemptions From the M7 Toll Charges & VAT Reclaim

Vehicles adapted for disabled drivers or passengers are entitled to exemption from the M7 toll fees. Toll road operators issue special passes which are recognised by all toll road operators and which allow such vehicles pass through the tolls without paying. To obtain a special pass and find out more information click here.

VAT registered road users can reclaim VAT paid on tolls. Your eFlow account statements can be used for this purpose.


Penalties For Not Paying M7 Toll Fees

It is an offence in Ireland to fail, neglect or refuse to pay a toll on a national road including the M7. Failure to pay your toll will mean that you cannot pass along the road. All motorists who are liable to pay toll fees and who fail, neglect or refuse to pay them are guilty of an offence. They are liable on summary conviction in a District Court to a fine not exceeding €1,270. So make sure you avoid any penalties and get your eFlow toll tag now.


To open an eFlow toll tag account click here.