Haunted Dublin: Top Five Places To Visit

Want to be scared this Halloween?

We have sorted out a list of places for you to visit this Halloween and Bank Holiday! 

You might want to go to some of these during the day....

1. Hellfire Club

At the top of the list is the Hell Fire Club, wildly regarded to be one of the most haunted areas in the country. There are countless stories of hill walkers who have complained of feeling a tug at jewellery worn around their necks, especially crucifixes. Then there's the constant reports of the screams of a woman who was murdered by some of the club's young aristocrats by setting her alight and rolling her down the hill in a barrel. Most famously, it's said that the Devil himself appeared during a card game here, vanishing when a man spotted that he had cloven hooves instead of feet

2. Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle is home to many ghouls, but it is mostly haunted by the castle's jester the Puck of Malahide. Stories tell that the Puck had fallen in love with a prisoner, Lady Elenora Fitzgerald. The Puck was mysteriously stabbed to death outside the castle days later, and with his last breath, vowed to haunt the castle forever.  There have been many sightings of the jester and when the castle was sold in 1979, potential buyers claimed to see the ghost roaming the grounds and the castle itself

3. The Grave Diggers / Glasnevin Cemetery

The cemetery itself it is home to stories and spirts which will make sure you never sleep like the watchtower was built here so that guards could look out for grave snatchers who regularly dug up freshly buried bodies and sold them for medical use. The ghost of a dog has been spotted numerous times beside the grave of John McNeill Boyd. Boyd, a ship captain, is believed to have drowned in 1864. After his death, his dog refused to leave his grave and slowly starved to death.  Gravediggers pub, right next to Glasnevin Cemetery has a resident ghost who is regularly spotted at the bar dressed in old-fashioned tweeds... until he disappears without a trace.

4. Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is Ireland's largest unoccupied prison and one of its most haunted.   The first reports of ghostly activity here were recorded by workmen who restored the jail in the 1960s and since then there's been lots of sightings and weird happenings. Visitors claim they can hear the screams of people being executed while other paranormal reports include lights turning themselves on and off, loud footsteps, unknown voices whispering and invisible forces pushing people over.

5. The Shelbourne Hotel

The hotel, as well as having the best views of Stephens Green Park is also haunted by Mary Masters, a 7-year-old girl who died of cholera there in 1791. At one stage over a six-month period, between two and three hotel guests a week were reporting freakish goings on, including sink, bath taps and showers turning on by themselves.  When actress Lily Collins stayed at the hotel she witnessed doors slamming and heard giggling.


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