Creepin' it Real: Ten Fangtastic things to do this Halloween

As Halloween creeps up on us, we’ve put together ten fangtastic things you guys can sink your teeth into during the build up to the big night. 

From night time rollercoaster rides to binge watching your favourite horror movies and shows, this guide should freak you out. In a good way. 

Spooktacular Boo at Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is Dublin’s most popular attraction all year round. For Halloween, it gets even better. From creepy arts and crafts, to spine chilling keeper talks, this is one that isn’t to be missed. The kids will love it. Like these lads in the picture. Awhhhh, the cuteness of it all.

You can find out more here:

Tayto Park After Dark

It’s Tayto Park but at night time. With ghosts, goblins and rollercoasters in the dark. How could that not be fun?! Best to leave the kids at home from this one or they’ll drive you batty!

FYI, we have 4 tickets to give away for this. Check out our Twitter or Facebook page for details.

Otherwise, you can buy tickets here:

Stranger Things

On October 27th, the best TV show from last year will air its second season on Netflix. This is a must see for anyone who likes scary things, the 80s, cool soundtracks and John Carpenter movies. It’s not scary, scary but it’s ominous and dark. Perfect for the time of year. The soundtrack is killer! 

Farmaphobia Scream Park

A frightful evening of screams and laughter… eerie corners, blood-curdling frights and ghoulish entertainers. What can we say, this gets better and better every year. It wouldn’t be October without a trip to the farm…

For information, check out their creepy website here:


Another one released on October 27th. Jigsaw movie will be more of the same from the SAW movie series. How many are there now? A billion? One things for sure, there’ll be torture, squirming and many, many gruesome deaths. This won’t be for the fainthearted. You’ve been warned! 

Bram Stoker Festival

‘4 nights of deadly adventures’ is their tagline this year and it’s looking ghoulish as ever. I’m sure everybody and their Mums know that Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and thus changed vampire lore forever. This is so much more. Plenty of creepy screenings and performances going on around the city to keep everyone happy.

You can find out more here:

Zombie Shooting at Zombiegeddon

Where do we ever start with this. This is what it says on their website:

“You are the last of the living and are charged with locating the antidote to save mankind! Under orders from Sergeant Tanfield (a Zombie slaying expert) you must make it from mission brief and the gates of the DMZ (demilitarised zone) through the eerie graveyard and zombie occupied village of Knocknagalliagh where you will encounter the most gruesome and hostile creatures known to man - they have only one eat your brains!”

Just Wow.

Find out more here:

Horror Expo at Freemasons Hall

This one is likely to go under the radar but if you’re a horror enthusiast then this is a must for you. It takes place on 29th October in FreeMasons hall, Dublin. We don’t always get the opportunity to explore the mysteries of this amazing, historical building so this is a rare but great opportunity to do so.

Find out more here:

Horror Movie Marathon (Horrorthon)

Lots of cinemas will be running horror movie marathons or Horrothons as they call ‘em. But nothing compares to (or is cheaper and more fun than) picking a few of your favourite horror movies, inviting your pals around the house, turning down the lights, ‘goblin’ down junk food and getting your scare on.  We recommend going with an old-school theme. Original Halloween movie, anyone?

Ghost Bus Tour

For a hauntingly theatrical experience like no other, you have to go on the Ghost Bus Tour. It’s becoming one of those things that everyone needs to try at least once. You drive around Dublin visiting haunted sites and hearing terrible tales. Some are fiction and some are fact…

For more info check it out:


And that’s a wrap. You know, like the mummy? No?

You’ve been reading ten gruesome things to get your party startled. Don’t forget to share this with your fiends. It’s actually impossible to stop the puns once they’ve started!

We’re done here. 


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