Dublin Tunnel 10km Underground Run

Running 10km. An almost unimaginable feat. The idea anyone would willingly travel 10km powered by nothing but their own legs boggles the mind, we know. There’d have to be some sort of unique twist involved for that to sound interesting. Say, if it was underground, in a place nobody is normally allowed run? What if you were running those 10km to raise money to help homeless people across Ireland?

In the ten years since it opened, the Dublin tunnel has taken over 18 million HGVs off Dublin streets. On Sunday, March 26th it’s flipping the script, locking HGVs out and opening up to the runners of Dublin. 5,000 people will run a 10km route beneath the streets of Dublin, raising money for Focus Ireland.

With Ireland’s longest tunnel fully closed to traffic, it’ll be an exclusive opportunity to experience this part of the city on foot. The race will be like no other with UV lights, DJs, themed water and aid stations and a tunnel laser light show. And for the 9km of the race in the tunnels, the organisers can guarantee no rain!

Participants will start at 9:30am at Dublin Port, travelling North through the 4.8km tunnel before turning around and running back through the other bore. There’ll be an Urban Village Market waiting for you when you get back, featuring healthy snacks, entertainment and that all-important post-race massage.

Registration is just €32 and all participants will receive a race t-shirt and medal. Hopefully the race will raise €150,000 for Focus Ireland so they can continue their vital work tackling homelessness throughout Ireland.

For more information, check out Underground Runs on Facebook and undergroundruns.com


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