Eurovision - The Guide

Is it really that time of year again?

Yes! - This year’s Eurovision is being held in Tel Aviv, Israel. The semi-finals will be held over two days (14th and 16th of May) before the final on May 18th. RTE and BBC will be covering the event, and there will be a special appearance from Gal Gadot with Madonna is set to perform also.

The first ever Eurovision Song Contest took place in Lugano, Switzerland on May 24th, 1956, although Ireland didn’t join the celebrations until 1965 with Butch Moore singing “Walking the Streets in the Rain” and placing 6th.

**FUN FACT** - While the first contest was shown and recorded for television,  no copies have survived. 

Brill! Who’s singing for Ireland this year? It’s not Jedward, is it?

No Jedward this year, unfortunately. They did do well the first year they entered (2011) and ended up in eighth, our best result in the last ten years and better than Donna and Joe (anyone else remembers them?)

This year is the turn of Sarah McTernan who had previously appeared in The Voice of Ireland, where she came third and currently tours with a band called the JEDS. She will sing “22” for us which you can check out below, and we’ll let you judge how good it is. 

What are our chances of winning this year?

Pretty slim.

Paddy Power had us to win at 150/1 which is very gracious of them considering last year we managed to get to 16th place with Ryan O’ Shaughnessy song “Together”.  The top country to walk away with the prize this year is The Netherlands who have Duncan Laurence singing “Arcade”.

But I thought we won loads….

We have. Out of all the countries who have entered since it started we have won the most with seven and three of them in consecutive years (1992 – 1994). The original J-Lo (Johnny Logan) is the only artist ever to win the competition twice (1980 and 1987). The last time we won was in in 1996 with “The Voice” by Eimear Quinn.

So, should I still sit in and watch it?

Yes, because even if you don’t like Madonna’s new song or we don’t win, you can still listen to the Graham Norton commentary.

That and there’s bound to be a great song on the night like the one below.

Anything else I should know?

Yes; the video below is our best performance, and it wasn’t even us singing as part of the competition.


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