Grey is the New Black for Irish Car Sales

As the year winds down, and we’re at the junction of a new road, we’ve taken a look back on Car sales in 2016 to see what juicy facts we could unearth.  It turns out, it was a pretty good year for car sales in Ireland. But let’s not get too excited just yet…

Conservative Palette

According to, the official statistics of the Irish Motor Industry, a staggering 20.78% of all cars purchased in 2016 were grey with 70.38% of all new cars being either grey, black, white or silver. That’s right, it seems this year, we’ve opted for safe and subtle. Subtle is a better word for boring, right?

So to the few people out there (11.75%) who chose red as their new car colour, we salute you!

The Good News

According to the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), 2016 has seen the highest levels in new vehicle registrations since 2008 with new car sales hitting 143,190 for the first three quarters of 2016 - 18.4% higher than 2015.

So long recession, says you! 

The ‘We’re Not Sure’ News

But, due to the uncertain market effects of the looming Brexit, the future of car sales, new and used, in Ireland is fairly unclear. Michael Rochford, Managing Director of says “A weakening of sterling and a surge of cheap UK imports will mean used car values in Ireland may fall sharply from their current position. This may leave many car buyers in negative equity as the value of the car they are driving falls beneath what they owe”.

Every Cloud

Cathal Cremen, the Commercial Manager of DoneDeal’s Motor Section, says that 2016 has been a very successful year for DoneDeal with over 91,000 cars currently advertised on the site. He also points out that despite Brexit, the volume of car ads published with a value above €10,000 increased by 30% for July, August and September when compared to last year. Though it isn’t mentioned if those cars were new or second hand, they’re some amazing numbers all the same and it looks like things aren’t so bad after all!

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