Health Kick: The Best Walks Around Dublin

Still broke? Trying to keep to your January resolutions? We’ve come up with the 8 best treks you can do around Dublin and beyond. Take any pictures? You can send them to us on Facebook or Twitter!

Howth Head

Immortalised in Ulysses, Howth Head is one of the best places in Dublin to explore. Feeling adventurous? You can ramble along the Cliff paths and see if you can spot some seals.

The Great South Wall

You can take in one of Dublin’s most iconic sights and the best thing about this one is that you don’t have to venture out of the city at all! To get there we recommend you visit the AA website HERE to get directions as you can easily miss it

Hellfire Club

If you’re up for an adventure, The Hellfire Club could be for you. Tucked away in the Dublin Mountains, there are two walking routes along here you can do and both are quite easy. People say that evil spirits are still haunting there so this might be one you would do during the day!

Bray to Greystones

If you want to skip the amusements, Bray is the starting point for a beautiful coastal walk to Greystones. The walk is long but worth it and you can unwind in The Happy Pear afterwards.

Botanic Gardens

This is another great walk located within the City Centre. The Iconic Glasshouses still functioning and are filled with plants and orchids not found in the wild anymore so snap a few pictures while you’re there. 


Okay, we’re cheating on this one as it’s not in Dublin but with so much to do here we couldn’t leave it off our list. With endless routes and other activates you might want to spend the weekend! 

Ticknock Walk

This walk isn’t for beginners, but it doesn’t disappoint. The main route is The Fairy Castle loop which brings you around Wicklow Way and parts of the Dublin Mountains which has some great views

Dalkey to Killiney

If you follow the sea edge (careful of the stone steps at Cat’s Ladder!) you can see why it’s known Dublin’s answer to the Bay of Naples. Killiney is full of restaurants and Tea Rooms to refuel in before you walk back


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