Make Time for Date Nights!

For so many would-be-snugglers, work and family can take up so much of our time, and, sadly, it’s usually date night that gets the chop when something else pops up.

So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a couple of suggestions to help make your Valentine’s night something special. Here goes…

For those with time and money

You can’t beat a trip away. One of the most popular, and for good reason, things to do on Valentine’s weekend is to get out of your area code and experience something different. So get in your car and head for the hills (or town) and put some spice back in your life. We recommend Glendalough, the Cliffs of Moher or Belfast City. Beautiful places!

To help you along, eFlow offer a prepay toll service, so if you’re passing the M50 on your travels, you can prepay here and save yourself the hassle.

For those with kids

While traditionally, Valentine’s Day has always been about couples, it can be fun for the whole family. We recommend a trip to somewhere that’ll tire them out, like the zoo (lots of walking around) or Greenan maze in Co. Wicklow (they’ll run off into the maze and you can stroll around holding hands. Awhhhh). This will ensure the kids will be in bed early so you and your loved one can get some Netflix in.   

For those on a budget

Let’s be honest here, most people will stay at home on Valentine’s night. Simply because it means you don’t have to go anywhere. Just get a giant bag of Doritos, some popcorn (butter popcorn preferred), a bottle of coke (or wine if you’re after some adventure) and put your feet up. If you have Netflix, there’s an amazing selection of cheesy romantic movies to watch...Did somebody say 'Titanic'?

Competition time!

To celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, and give you love birds something to smile about, us sound guys at eFlow have picked up a €100 voucher for La Caverna restaurant in Dublin for Valentine's night so you can have a romantic night out with your other half. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages over the next few days for a chance to win. 

Good luck, and, whatever you do, have fun! 


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