New Car? Don't Forget to Swap your Tag over!

Has Santy been good and gotten you a new car for Christmas?

If you have an eFlow account, then make sure you have no interruption to your toll service by reassigning your eFlow tag from your old vehicle to your new one, instead of the hassle of ordering a new eFlow tag altogether. Just don’t forget to take your tag out of your old car before you sell it on!

The Hard Way

Adding a new vehicle to your eFlow account without reassigning a tag will mean that you have to wait 2-3 days for a new eFlow tag to be posted to you. If you don’t want to hang around waiting follow the easy steps below

The Easy Way

Just log into your account and follow the steps below!

1: Click the big yellow ‘Add vehicle/reassign tag’ button

2: Choose the ‘Reassign an existing tag to a different vehicle’ option

3. Enter your new licence plate number

4. Choose which vehicle to reassign your tag from and then click ‘Continue’

Boom! You’re done and ready to motor!

If your still having some trouble  check out our FAQs or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and we can answer any of your queries. 


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