Saint Joseph's Castlebar Win The Saffron School Science Competition

What a year it’s been for young scientists all over the country, as they harnessed their inner Einstein to come up with innovative and creative proposals to help make transportation safer for everyone.

Now in its third year, the Saffron Schools Science Competition, managed by Saffron and proudly sponsored by eFlow, is designed to make science fun for students. Every year schools are asked to create a three-minute video based on a specified topic. Students are encouraged to be as imaginative and creative as possible and this year, it’s been a roaring success.

Entries were shortlisted to 10 brilliant finalists, from the four corners of Ireland, showing how a little bit of science and a fresh perspective can really change things for the better.

The Winners

Big congratulations to Saint Joseph’s Castlebar for winning this year’s competition with their innovative Smombie protection device. According to the guys, in their proposal video, a Smombie (short for smartphone zombie) is a term to describe the modern and scary trend of looking at your phone instead of watching where you’re going.

Their proposed device, which will use cleverly located sensors to trigger lights (and possibly sound) to warn oncoming pedestrians that a vehicle is approaching, has really turned heads. We think it’s something that could easily be rolled out in the coming months, especially in areas, like their hometown in Mayo, where pedestrians are at high risk.   

The Big Idea

The Prize

For having the best idea, 20 children and 2 teachers at Saint Josephs get to take part in the SAFFRON Science Programme at the Euro Space Centre in January 2016. Prize includes flights to Brussels, 3 days at the ESC, 12 hours of Space classes, their own personal luxury transportation, an afternoon trip to Holland/Germany, a night of bowling and an in-house cinema experience. 

Who says science doesn’t pay…

So once again congratulations to the winning school and all well done to all entries for all the effort and prep work that went into their amazing videos. For more info on the competition, click here


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