Summer Driving Hazards - A Guide

Whether you’re off to a festival or enjoying the nice weather we’ll (hopefully) have, we’ve put together a handy guide with our friends at AA Ireland for all you need to know about driving in the summer months

Wet or Lost Keys / Fob

You’ve spent the day at the beach and your heading back to the car when you realise that your keys or fob have taken a swim with you, or worse gone on their own trip. Check your car manual before you head off anywhere and see if there’s another way to open your boot or doors. If you still can’t get in call a recommended locksmith or for emergency cover.

Overheating / Sun Glare

While we sure you look fashionable in your sunnies they could help your driving. One of the main contributors to accidents over the summer months is sun glare so it’s worth popping a spare pair in your glove compartment. It’s also worth checking your car’s coolant system before setting out on any far journeys as they can overheat and you could be left stranded.

Driving Tired / Medications

A long day out in the sun would make anyone want a long nap but driving tired is another leading factor in car accidents in this country. We suggest you follow the advice from the RSA below:

•    Stop in a safe place and take a 15-minute nap.

•    Get some food and drink. If you’re planning on taking a nap take these before.

•    Get out of your car and get some fresh air.

If you are prone to hay fever during the summer or taking any other medication it’s worth checking to see if it will impair you’re driving before you take any journey.

Driving in the country

Most of us will be venturing to the peace and quiet of the countryside at some point over the summer months, which can have some challenges of its own.  Drive at a pace you are comfortable with and can control the car, especially on roads you are not familiar with or that have lots of twists and turns. You could end up in a hedge or be involved in an accident.

You might also encounter people driving tractors or livestock, the number one rule here is to be patient. Some farmers might wear ear protectors and they only need brake or indicator lights at night time so they could stop or turn with little warning.  If you encounter any livestock, be aware of any who could have separated from the herd or that they could dart in front of you at any time.

Other Quick Tips...

•    If you’re a smoker, don’t throw your cigarette out the window. You could start a fire if grass verges or embankments are done dry.

•    Be careful of road repairs during the summer. Loose chippings can cause cracked windscreens, headlamps and damage paintwork. Stick to speed limits and keep your distance from the car in front.

•    Don’t park in a gateway or passing place. Farmers often use these as access points and you could get your car towed.


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