The Road to Croker


The excitement is building, tickets are like gold dust……

The jerseys are washed and ready to go, the flask is waiting to be filled with tea and the sambos are being prepped!

It’s time for the All-Ireland Senior Football Finals!  

(Mandatory singing of Sunday Game Theme Tune)


Sunday 18th @ 3.30pm – Dublin v Mayo, Men’s SFC.

These two counties first faced off for the title in 1923 after the Civil War. Dublin walked away with ‘Sam’ after beating Mayo by 10 points; 1-09 to 0-02. 

In 2013, when the teams met again, Dublin walked away with ‘Sam’ once more with a narrow 1 point win; 2-12 to 1-14.

Mayo haven’t won an All-Ireland Senior Football Final title in 65 years. They won the Championship back in 1936, 1950 and 1951 and have narrowly lost out seven times since 1951, reaching either the semi-final or final.  The 2016 Mayo team will need to pull everything they have out of the bag to walk away with the title and bring ‘Sam’ home to The Heather County.

Dublin won their first All-Ireland Senior Football Final title in 1891. They beat Kerry in 2015 to take ‘Sam’ back to the big smoke for the 25th time. Hill 16 will be full of navy and blue on Sunday as Dublin hope to win their 26th Senior Football Final Title and keep ‘Sam’ in the fair city for another year.

For you betting folk out there, Boylesports have Dublin at 4/11 for a win. But I’m a Meath girl, and with the historical dislike between Meath and Dublin, my money will be on Mayo for the win at 3/1.  


Sunday 25th @ 4:00pm – Dublin v Cork, Ladies SFC.

Cork have beaten Dublin in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the Ladies Senior Football Final; 2013 (2-13 to 2-12), 2014 (2-13 to 2-12), 2015 (0-12 to 0-10). They will be looking to win the Brendan Martin Cup for a fourth year running and keep in the title in The Banner County.

The Cork Ladies have won the Brendan Martin Cup 10 times since 1974. This year will be the 6th consecutive year where Cork have reached the Senior Football Final, and have won every year.  Dublin Ladies have reached the Senior Final four times, and only won once, in 2010, beating Tyrone, 3-16 to 0-09.

Both teams will be out for the win, if only for pride. Dublin ladies will be pushing their limits to ‘do the double’ for both the Men’s and Ladies SFC Titles. However, going by the Boylesports odds, Cork are favourites at 8/15.  No doubt, this final will be a nail biting game! 


The Drumcondra area will be a buzz of activity on both weekends, so here’s some helpful tips. 

  • The absolute best carvery in Drumcondra is Fagan’s Pub, but get there early, it will be jammers!
  • Avoid parking on the housed avenues around Drumcondra, you WILL be clamped and have to pay a hefty fine to have it removed.  
  • Wear comfy shoes, really comfy; there are a million steps to the top tier stands; Hogan, Cusack, David.
  • DO NOT bring an umbrella – you don’t want to be that one person blocking everyone else’s view of the pitch.
  • If you are not from Dublin, I highly recommend staying away from Hill 16. You will be chanted at, very loudly by the supporters of the Boys in Blue.
  • The best chipper, for the journey home, is ‘Peters Take Away’, Upper Drumcondra Road. Best Fish & Chips EVER, I promise!
  • Save yourself a few quid on M50 toll fines by prepaying for your toll if you’ll be travelling on the M50 motorway on your trip to Croke Park.


Best of luck to all four teams from everyone at eFlow! 





About me:

I’m Elle, Marketing Coordinator @eFlow.  I’m a country girl at heart, working with eFlow since 2009. I love coffee and keeping you up to date on what’s happening in Ireland! 


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