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What is the M50 toll?

M50 Toll road

Dublin’s M50 Motorway has a barrier-free toll that must be paid by 8pm the following day. The toll is located between Junction 6 and Junction 7 on the M50 and is clearly marked with purple ‘Toll’ signs overhead. To avoid penalties and make a payment for your M50 toll, please click here

What is a barrier free toll?

The M50 toll road is a section of the M50 motorway. Instead of a conventional barrier toll plaza, drivers pass beneath overhead cameras, which use advanced vehicle recognition technology to record number plates.

Tourist Information

If your vehicle is not registered in the Republic of Ireland, you may see the message below when you go to pay your toll:

Tourist Information

If you see this message, please manually select your vehicle class in the dropdown box labelled “Vehicle class”. You can then continue with your payment.

Car Rental Information

Car Rental Information

Before you cross the M50 toll point in a rental car, you must contact your rental company to find out if your rental agreement covers the payment of toll charges. Some companies will include toll charges in your bill, others will require you to pay toll charges yourself.

If you are required to pay toll charges, any queries on your bill such as late payment penalties should be directed to your car rental company.

Paying the toll on a rental car can be done either before you travel, or after you pass the M50 toll point, before the 8pm next day payment deadline. Please select your preferred option below:

·         I want to prepay my M50 toll

·         I want to pay my M50 toll after I’ve passed the toll point

Useful tips for paying the M50 toll on a rental vehicle:

1.       When making toll payments via, check that the license plate number that you enter is as it is shown on the vehicle (without any dashes or punctuation).

2.       The accepted payment methods are Visa Debit cards from Irish accounts or Visa/Mastercard credit cards.

3.       Make sure to keep your receipt or receipt number for any payments you make. Always check your receipt to ensure that your payment has been made to the correct registration number.

4.       If you experience any difficulty with making payment, please contact us.


Want to pay your toll now? Click here


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