What is Black Friday?

There are many things that us Irish have embraced from across the water. TV shows like Friends and Modern Family have captured our imaginations, as well as musicians like Bruce Springsteen and err, Miley Cyrus….

And then there’s Black Friday.

Black Friday is a day (or weekend) of retail sales, much like the January sales here in Ireland, and it traditionally falls the day after the American celebration of Thanksgiving. This year, it takes place tomorrow on November 25th.

The history of Black Friday (as a term related to shopping) is a bit muddled but there’s evidence to suggest that it started out in Philadelphia in the early 60s as a term to describe the chaotic traffic that happens the day after Thanksgiving, as people take advantage of the time off work. The below image was captured by ABC7 Eyewitness news just yesterday and shows that this traffic still exists.  

In recent years, it has taken a different meaning. Adopted by retail stores as a gimmick to help boost sales, the term evolved to refer to when the profits of a business are ‘in the black’ as opposed to being ‘in the red’. As we’ve said, it’s a bit muddled…

Going global

At the moment Black Friday isn’t widely recognised here but it is definitely growing in popularity year by year. 

In January of this year, the Central Statistics Office highlighted that sales volumes in Ireland increased by 2.2% from October 2015 to November 2015. And with yearly statistics showing that sales volumes in 2015 increased by a whopping 9.3% when compared to 2014 we are sure Black Friday will soon replace December 8th as the date that officially kicks off the busy Christmas shopping period in Ireland.

Couple these stats with the fact that consumer confidence is the highest it has been in 10 years and it’s still rising, and Black Friday will, no doubt, become the biggest shopping day of the year.

Sort the small things

So if you’re planning on venturing into Dublin to take advantage of some Black Friday deals, remember to prepay your M50 toll now. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pay for your M50 toll especially when you are en route to getting great discounts.  

Good Luck! 


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