New Sign for M50 Toll

Sign Upgrade Works

This week, Transport Infrastructure Ireland are upgrading the signs on the M50 toll to highlight its location and increase its overall visibility.

The installation of the new signage will take place over five nights, from 10pm till 6am from Monday to Friday this week (18th to 22nd July).

During these hours a number of lanes will be closed on the M50 between junction 6 and 7. As it isn’t possible to install both signs in one night, there will be no sign indicating the M50 Toll Southbound on Wednesday, 20th July. There will also be no signs heading both North and South on Thursday, 21st July and Friday, 22nd July.

The Signs

As drivers will be aware, the existing signs are the same colour as all other motorway directional signs in Ireland. Research has shown that drivers can filter out directional signs when they're not planning on turning off the motorway. We decided that in order to make the M50 toll stand out, a change was called for.

The new signs will be purple. In fact, they’ll be so purple there is no way it could be mistaken with other types of road signs across Ireland. Transport Infrastructure Ireland have also taken the opportunity to streamline the information on the signs, making them clearer and more distinct.

Once the new signs arrive on the M50, let us know what you think of the new look through our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Before the upgrade works.

After the upgrade works.


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