Do you have an eFlow registered account with your primary payment method set to a Permanent TSB card?

If you do, then, we’ve got some important information for you. Permanent TSB are rolling out contactless cards to all existing customers on a phased basis, to be completed in July 2015. If you’ve received a new card from your bank, you’ll need to update the payment method on your eFlow account.

Pay particular attention to whether the expiry date on your new card matches that on your eFlow account or not. If it doesn’t, then we will not be able to process your next eFlow payment.

To update your credit or debit card details with a new expiry date, Log in to with your username and password. From the Account Overview screen, click My Bill in the left sidebar and from the dropdown menu, click Payment Method.

Click on the wheel next to the card you want to update and select Change expiry date. To finish, simply save your changes. 

That’s it. Once your expiry date is updated, you’ll be sorted for the next payment.

If you have any questions, drop us a tweet to @eflow_freeflow

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