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eFlow does not send links in text messages. If you receive one, delete immediately. Our system has not been compromised or subjected to a data breach. For more information click here.

Email Fraud

eFlow you first

It’s important to be aware of how easily spam emails can catch us off guard due to our heavy reliance on email communications. These emails will insistently prompt you to click on a link and input your personal and financial information on a counterfeit website designed to mimic a genuine one.

Some fraudulent emails may contain a link or attachment that, when clicked, downloads malicious software (malware) onto your computer or device. Certain types of malware can track your online activities, enabling them to record and transmit your financial, personal, or security information to the scammers. However, evading such risks is quite straightforward if you take a step back and think before you click about the attachments or links in your emails.

To protect yourself from these scams:
  1. Do not respond to any email that requests your financial, personal, or security information unless you confirm independently that the email genuinely originates from the claimed company. eFlow do not send emails with links to make a payment, we will ask you to log in to your eFlow account via www.eflow.ie or www.secure.eflow.ie.
  2. Prior to clicking on a link or attachment in an email, verify its authenticity by confirming the true source it claims to be from.
  3. Exercise caution if you are asked to take any urgent action to protect your account as eFlow never requests any such actions.

Although it may seem like an inconvenience, adopting this simple habit can save significant time and money by preventing a potential malware attack.