Adding a Vehicle

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How to add a vehicle to your eFlow account

To add a new vehicle to your account:

  • Log in to with your username and password
  • Select My Vehicles from the menu on the left
  • To add a vehicle, click '+Add/Replace another vehicle'
  • Enter or confirm your vehicles on the next page
  • If you wish to switch a tag from a vehicle on your account to a new one, then click ‘Reassign a tag to this vehicle’ and select the vehicle to be removed from the drop-down menu. Select ‘Continue’ to complete the process. Please note that you can only reassign a tag to another vehicle if both vehicles are of the same class (e.g. cars).
  • If you do not wish to reassign a tag, then select ‘Add this vehicle’ after entering your vehicle details

Please note: while most vehicle details will populate automatically, you will need to manually enter details for vehicles from outside of the Republic of Ireland.

Would you like to use your eFlow tag in your new vehicle?

If you would like to reuse your eFlow tag, you can switch the tag over while adding your new vehicle to the account. This must be done before removing your previous vehicle from the account (as removing the vehicle first will deactivate the tag). 

Tags can only be switched between vehicles of the same class. For example, from car to car but not from truck to car.

If a vehicle is removed before the tag is reassigned, the tag will be deactivated immediately. You will need to return the deactivated tag to eFlow to avoid incurring a charge for the cost of the tag (€20.00). A new tag will be issued to you for any vehicle subsequently added to your account. 

Tag Rental Fees

For every additional vehicle added to your account, an extra tag rental fee will be applied. For example, if you have one vehicle, you will pay €1.23 per month, but if you have three vehicles with tags, this will amount to €3.69 in tag rental fees each month. 

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Issues with adding a vehicle

Firstly, please ensure that you’ve entered the correct licence plate number when attempting to add the vehicle to your eFlow account.

If you are entering a licence plate number from the Republic of Ireland, you will see a description of the vehicle as shown below before you confirm:

issues table image

If the make, model and colour don’t match your vehicle, please double-check your licence plate number. To go back and re-enter details, hit the red ‘X’ symbol.

Alternatively, if you have recently purchased the vehicle, the vehicle may still be on the previous owner’s eFlow account. To have this vehicle added to your own eFlow account, you may need to contact us to re-register this vehicle to your account. You’ll need to be able to confirm the make and model of the vehicle in order for eFlow to be able to remove it from someone else’s account.

Please keep a note of the date when you bought the vehicle as we may need this to complete a transfer of journeys to your account.

You can also contact the previous owner and ask them to remove the vehicle from their account, after which you will be free to add it to yours. 

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How many vehicles can I have on my account?

There is no upward limit on the number of vehicles which can be on an account at any given time. 

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What class is my vehicle?

When you add a vehicle to your account, will inform you what vehicle class it is, according to its vehicle registration number (if the vehicle is registered with the Department of Transport). M50 tolls are charged based on whether the vehicle is registered as a ‘private’ or ‘commercial’ vehicle, and, for ‘commercial’ vehicles, the unladen vehicle weight will be used to determine the vehicle class.

All vehicle information for vehicles registered in the Republic of Ireland is obtained from the National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF), which is held by the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division (DVCSD). eFlow cannot alter this information, and any queries regarding the details in the NVDF should be made to the DVCSD by the registered owner of the vehicle.

For details of vehicle classes on other toll roads and their charges please visit

Please note: information for vehicles registered outside the Republic of Ireland will not be available on The vehicle details will have to be entered manually, and you may be asked for a copy of the vehicle’s log book / registration certificate to confirm the details entered.

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