Payment for my M50 toll was deducted twice

If an extra eFlow payment has been deducted from your bank account/credit card, one of the two payments should be automatically reversed by your bank within five working days.

If the duplicated payment hasn’t been returned within this timeframe, please contact us with the following information:

  1. Payment channel (online at, in a Payzone outlet, over the phone to an agent or through the automated phone service).
  2. Payment method (debit card or credit card).
  3. Date of payment and amount paid.
  4. The last four digits of your credit card/bank account number and your card’s expiry date (please do not send your full card number) and the expiry date of the card.
  5. A copy of your actual bank statement.

Please note: Screenshots of transactions from your online banking service or app will not be accepted as bank statements. 

Please forward the information to us through our web form here.

You can also drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook.

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