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How does my account work?

Where does the balance on the account overview screen come from?

This will depend on whether you have a bill pay or top-up account.

In the case of bill pay accounts, the live balance that you see when you log in to your eFlow account is the total for journeys on your account since we last received a payment. If you have a tag account, this will also include the monthly charge of €1.23 per tag. 

The amount which will be taken from you every month will be the balance owed on the last day of the previous month.

In the case of a top-up account, the balance shows how much credit you have left on your account to cover future journeys.

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Why is there a minus balance on my account?

Your balance may be shown with a minus if it is a bill pay account that is in credit. 

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Can I make a payment on my account?

Bill pay customers can make a full or partial payment towards their outstanding balance on It’s a handy way to pay some or all of your toll balance before the automatic payment is taken later in the month.

If you’re a top-up customer, the ’Make a Payment’ feature can be used to add credit to your account manually.

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When will automated eFlow payments be taken from my account?

Monthly payments for bill pay accounts are taken between the 12th and last day of every month. If you would like more control over when you make payments to us, you can choose the ’Make Payment‘ option on and pay some or all of the current month’s bill. Any balance remaining will be taken in the normal automated payment process.

eFlow bill pay customers are billed a month in arrears. This means that the amount deducted from your payment method this month will be to cover journeys made last month. 

In the case of top-up accounts, we will automatically request a payment from your credit / debit card or direct debit once your balance falls below the account threshold of €12.00.

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How can I view my eFlow statements?

If you select to receive your statements by email, every month we’ll email you a link to your statement. You will need your eFlow username to access it.

You can also view your eFlow statements by logging in to your eFlow account with your username and password and selecting the ‘View your statements’ link on the Overview page. This will bring you to the ‘My Bill’ section where you can view and download your eFlow statements for the past 18 months.

Click on the ‘PDF’ link beside any month to view your statement for that month. Once the statement has opened, you can right-click and select ‘Save as…’ to download and save the file.

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How can I see the full list of journeys that have been made on my account?

To view a list of your journeys, log in to your eFlow account with your username and password and click ‘Journeys and Payments’ in the menu on the left. Here, you can select a date range to view all journeys during a defined period. You can also filter your journeys to view just M50 journeys, or journeys on any other toll road in Ireland (in the case of a tag account). 

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What will happen if there isn’t enough money in my account when the payment is taken?

If a payment request fails, we will notify you in writing (either by email or letter, depending on how we usually send account correspondence to you).

We will automatically attempt again to take the payment after another few days. If you have a tag account, your tag(s) will not work if the first attempted payment fails. If the second attempt fails, your account will be suspended and your vehicle will not be covered on any toll road. 

If your account is suspended, you can reactivate it by making a payment for the full outstanding balance and by adding or reactivating a valid payment method on your account.

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What’s the difference between a tag and an M50 Video account?

An M50 Video account works only on the M50. There is no account management fee and you will receive a discount of €0.50 per M50 journey that you make.

A tag account, on the other hand, works on all toll roads in Ireland and has a monthly account management fee of €1.00 + VAT (€1.23) per tag. With a tag account, you will receive a €1.00 discount on every M50 journey. However, tag account customers can use the express lanes at any other toll in Ireland, while video account customers cannot.

The Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive

From June 2018, electric vehicle owners with a registered tag account will see a reduction in tolling costs on some Irish toll roads. The Electric Vehicle TollI Incentive hopes to encourage more road users to consider electric vehicles. Go here for more information. 

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Can I transfer my eFlow account to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer an account to someone else. You will need to close your account and they will need to set up a new account. 

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