Closing Your Account

To close your account, you'll need to contact us  and a customer service agent will guide you through the process. You can send your request via our online form, post or fax.

Please note: Before closing your account, all outstanding payments must be made, and any tags associated with your account must be returned to:
Cape House
Westend Office Park
Dublin 15

As per point 15.2 of the eFlow Terms and Conditions, there is a charge of €20.00 for each unreturned tag. Once your account is in the process of being closed or already closed, you will no longer be able to access it online at 

Closed accounts cannot be reopened. If you wish to set up another eFlow account, please click here. 

What happens to my personal information after I close my account?
In general, registered accounts will be deleted from eFlow's database one year after the account is closed. This deletion will include all personal data of the account holder with the exception of payment data. Payment data is retained for 7 years for financial regulation reasons.

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