How does the tag work?

Every time you pass through the M50 toll, or through express lanes on other Irish toll plazas, your eFlow tag is read. This records your journey and debits your eFlow account. 

Once activated, your eFlow tag will work immediately on the M50. It will become active on other Irish toll roads (M7, M1 etc.) two days after the date of issue.

As long as your account is active and valid (i.e. not in suspension), your journey will still be recorded on the M50 even if the eFlow tag is not in your vehicle as long as your licence plate can be read.

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The correct positioning of your eFlow tag is essential to ensure it is read correctly.

  • Cars/vans: Affix your eFlow tag high up on your windscreen, ideally centred just beneath the rear-view mirror. Please see the above video for a guide to eFlow tag installation.
  • Lorries, buses: Affix your eFlow tag on the bottom centre of the windscreen. Please see the above video for a guide to eFlow tag installation.

Please note: Some windscreens (athermic) have a metallic layer to reflect heat from the sun. In such cases, the eFlow tag must be placed within the areas of the windscreen which lacks this coating. Such areas are normally marked with a different colour or pattern.

Common tag questions:

When will my eFlow tag start working?

You don’t need to do anything to activate your eFlow tag. Your eFlow tag will work immediately on the M50 as our cameras will pick up your license plate number before you receive your eFlow tag in the post and install it in the vehicle. However, it will not become active on other Irish toll roads until two days after the date of issue. The date of issue will be printed on the letter that comes with your eFlow tag.

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What is the speed limit in the express lane?

Toll express lanes have different speed and distance requirements in order for the barrier to lift.

You must observe speed limits and maintain a distance of at least 30 metres from the vehicle in front of you. Failure to comply with speed and distance requirements may result in the barrier not lifting. 

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Can I use my eFlow tag in car parks?

No, your eFlow tag will not work in car parks. 

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How long will the battery in my tag last?

Your eFlow tag battery will last approximately five years.

If the battery in your tag runs out, we will replace the eFlow tag free of charge. You must return the deactivated eFlow tag to us to avoid incurring a charge for the cost of the tag (€20.00). 

Tag Return Address:

Emovis Operations Ireland Limited

Cape House,

Western Office Park,

Snugborough Road,

Dublin 15

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