My tag is not working

Troubleshoot issues with your tag with the following checklist. 

1. Tag positioning

2. Account suspension

3. Tag battery

4. Tag is damaged

5. The tag is being used in a vehicle that it is not assigned to

6. These reasons don’t apply but my tag still isn’t working



1. eFlow tag positioning

If your eFlow tag is not working, ensure that it is positioned correctly (in cars and vans, high up and centred on the windscreen below the rear-view mirror; in lorries and buses, low and centred on the windscreen) and that you are driving within the express lane speed and distance limits.

Please note: Some windscreens (athermic) have a metallic layer to reflect heat from the sun. In such cases, the eFlow tag must be placed within the areas of the windscreen which lacks this coating. Such areas are normally marked with a different colour or pattern.

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2. Account suspension

Your tag will stop working if your account has been suspended.

There are two steps to reactivate your eFlow account:

  1. Pay the full outstanding balance; and  
  2. Update the payment details on your account. 

To pay the balance on your account, log into your account and click ‘Make payment’. You can also add a new payment card or direct debit to your account by using the ‘+ Add a new Payment Method’ option. 

Once the full outstanding balance is paid, you will need to add a new valid payment method to the account or reactivate a previous payment method, if you have not done so already.

Once these issues have been resolved, your account will be no longer be suspended and your tag will become active. 

Why is my account suspended?

Your account is suspended because we could not take a payment from your registered payment method on two occasions.

Please note: Due to account suspension, journeys cannot be added to the registered account. If a tag registered account becomes suspended, the tag will become inactive and will not work on the M50 toll or any other toll roads. Any M50 journeys made by your vehicle(s) while your account is suspended will be charged at the unregistered rate. This means that you will have to pay your toll by the following day 8pm deadline to avoid late penalties. At toll booths, you will have to stop and pay at the booth if your account is suspended.

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3. eFlow Tag battery

If the battery in your eFlow tag runs out you can return it to eFlow and order a new one. Please contact our customer care team for more details.

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4. eFlow tag is damaged

If your eFlow tag is damaged and no longer working, you can order a new one from Once ordered, your new tag should arrive within 3-5 working days. 

Please note: The account holder is liable for a charge of €20.00 for each tag damaged or lost.

To report a damaged tag:

  1. Log in to with your username and password.
  2. Select ‘My Vehicles’ and select the blue circle in the ‘Options’ column of the appropriate vehicle.

From the dropdown menu, select ‘Lost’ and confirm.

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5. The eFlow tag is being used in a vehicle that it is not assigned to

Your eFlow tag must be used in the vehicle to which is it is currently assigned. For example, if you remove a tag from one car and use it in another without first transferring the eFlow tag online, it will not work. 

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6. These reasons don’t apply but my eFlow tag still isn’t working

If your eFlow tag still isn’t working after completing these steps, please contact eFlow customer service and we will assist you with your query.

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