Switching your eFlow tag to another vehicle

Switching tags between vehicles

If you want to reassign your tag to a different vehicle, you can do that online:

  1. Log in to your account and select ‘My Vehicles’ from the menu on the left. Every active vehicle on the account will be displayed.
  2. Select the 'Add vehicle/reassign tag' button.
  3. Select the 'Reassign an existing tag to a different vehicle' option.
  4. Enter the registration plate number of the vehicle you want to add.
  5. Select 'Find my vehicle'. If this vehicle is registered in Ireland, the vehicle's information will be displayed. If not, you will need to fill in the information (e.g. vehicle type, make, model, and colour). You will also have the option to add a 'label' for this new vehicle e.g. Tom's van.
  6. Select the vehicle to be replaced from the dropdown menu and select 'Continue'.
  7. If your tag has been successfully reassigned, you will see a confirmation message on screen.

If for any reason you cannot reassign your tag successfully, please contact us

Please note: If the vehicle you are trying to add is already registered to another account you will not be able to add the vehicle to your account. To do so, you must remove the vehicle from the other account before adding it to your account.

If you need a new eFlow tag holder for any vehicle, you can request it by clicking on the blue 'wheel' icon in the 'Options' column.

  1. Please note: eFlow tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another similar type of vehicle e.g. from one car to another car. This is because each eFlow tag is associated with a specific vehicle and its account. If you use a tag from another vehicle, you will be charged as a non-registered user on the M50 as tags are assigned to specific license plate numbers. If a tag is used in a car that it’s not assigned to, it will not work on any tolls around Ireland.

Furthermore, you cannot reassign an eFlow tag to a different vehicle type, for example, from a van to a car or vice versa.