New Signage at m50 toll

Why are eFlow putting up new signs at the M50 toll?

By updating the M50 toll signage with a bright new colour scheme, we’re just making it stand out a little more for road users. 

What were the issues with the old signage?

The original M50 toll signage, though effective, blends in a little too well with the other directional signs on the motorway. As it is the same colour blue, occasionally situations have arisen where those unfamiliar with the route mightn’t immediately realise that they were passing a toll point. With the introduction of the new signs, we are aiming it to distinguish it a bit more from other signage on the M50.

What changes were made to the information on the sign; if any?

We’ve taken the opportunity of updating the new signage to refine the information contained on them a little too. This refinement is aimed at making the M50 toll process as clear and easy-to-understand as possible, and to avoid excessive repetition in signage along the motorway. 

Why did eFlow choose those colours for the sign?

Purple was chosen as the colour because it could be unique to the toll point. No other official signage in the Irish road network is in purple; so it’s the ideal way to make the toll point stand out from other signage along the M50 motorway.