I’d like to appeal an M50 toll penalty

Please select the reason why you’d like to appeal your M50 toll penalty from the list below for further information:

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The toll has already been paid

If you believe that you've received a penalty letter in error, we invite you to contact our customer service team and one of our agents will review your query.

You’ll need to provide proof of payment in order to query a payment with our customer service team.

To ensure the payment was made to the correct vehicle and within the required time period, we recommend you review the payment receipt to confirm the details are correct.

To help prevent you from reaching higher penalties, payments received by eFlow may be used to pay off older outstanding journeys. 

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I was not on the M50 at the time in question

Despite eFlow utilising some of the most accurate vehicle recognition technology in the world, our cameras may, on very rare occasions, misread number plates.

You can review the image taken by our toll cameras online by visiting Pay a Penalty. There you will need to enter your Journey Reference Number (from the penalty letter) and Vehicle Registration Number.

If you believe you have wrongly received a penalty letter, we advise you to contact us, and we will review your query.

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I have a tolling account with another provider

If you have recently changed your vehicle, please ensure that your tag account has been updated accordingly. Contact details for all Irish tag providers are available here.

If you're sure that your tag is mounted correctly, sufficiently credited, and/or it hasn't been reported as lost, stolen, or damaged, it's possible that an incorrect licence plate is being associated with your tag.

To transfer all unpaid eFlow tolls to your existing tag account, click I Want to Appeal a Penalty and fill out the required information.

Once you've done this, we'll check your details with your tag provider and, if possible, transfer all outstanding toll charges to your existing tag account.

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I do not own the car in question

Unregistered customers' notifications of outstanding journeys are sent to the name and address to which their vehicle is registered with the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division (DVCSD).

If you’ve recently sold the vehicle, the DVCSD should be notified, so their vehicle ownership records can be updated. eFlow cannot update these details. However, once DVCSD records have been updated, ours will update automatically, too.

Please fill in Part B of the Vehicle Registration Certificate or log book and send it to:

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Computer Services Division

Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DVCSD)


Co. Clare

If your vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland, please contact the Driver & Vehicle Agency.

Once you've updated these details with the DVCSD or DVA, please contact us, and we will review your query immediately.

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Other reasons

If you would like to appeal an eFlow penalty for any other reason, please contact us and we will review your query.

If you wish to make an appeal against a penalty letter issued by Euro Parking Collection, please click here.

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