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Transport Infrastructure Ireland- Toll Charge Increase – 1 January 2022

by eFlow

As per Transport Infrastructure Irelands recent announcement, several toll roads across Ireland are increasing their rates from the 1 January 2022. The increase in motor car toll charges in 2022 can be summarised as follows:

  • Tolls will increase by 10 cents on 7 of the 8 PPP toll roads around the country – from €2.90 to €3.00 (M4) and from €1.90 to €2.00 (M1, N6, M7/M8, N8, N25WF, LT). Tolls will not increase for cars on the M3 in 2022.
  • Tolls have not changed on Dublin Tunnel since 2010 – and will remain at €10 (peak hours) and €3 (all other times).
  • Tolls on the M50 will not increase for ‘Tag Registered Vehicles’ but will increase by 10 cents for ‘Video Account Registered Vehicles’ (from €2.60 to €2.70) and ‘Unregistered Vehicles’ (from €3.10 to €3.20).

For Further Information Regarding the increase in toll rates, please visit www.tii.ie/news/press-releases/tolling-info-2022/.

20 Dec, 2021