Want to transfer your tag to your new car? Here’s how!

If you’re updating your car this January, why not transfer your toll tag over to your new vehicle online? That way you won’t have all of the hassle of ordering a new tag and returning your old one. Log on to eFlow.ie, and, in just a few clicks, your tag will be ready to use in your new vehicle.

Many users make the mistake of removing their old car from eFlow.ie before transferring the tag. Once the vehicle is removed, they then have to post the tag back to us. As well as that, once the new vehicle is added, you’ll have to wait 3-5 days to receive another new tag. Sounds complicated, right? Cut through all the manoeuvring by just transferring your tag online. It’s quicker, easier and cheaper.

Go ahead, try it for yourself and see! There’s a guide below or check out the video to see how it works.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to work making the switch:

Step 1: Log in to eFlow.ie with your eFlow username and password

Step 2: Select ‘My Vehicles’ from the menu on the left

Step 3: Click the red ‘X’ symbol beside the vehicle that you want to remove the tag from

Step 4: Choose 'Delete car and reassign tag' 

Step 5: On the next page, enter the details of the vehicle that you’d like to transfer the tag to. Click ‘Find my vehicle’.

Step 6: If you’ve entered a license plate registered in the Republic of Ireland you will then be asked just to confirm the details pulled from the database. If not, you’ll have to select like make and model manually.

Step 7: Once you’re happy that the details are correct, select ‘Reassign tag’ to complete the action

Right, so there you have it. If you have any further questions about how it works, please drop us a line on Twitter and we’ll see what we can do.