How It Works

eFlow offers both personal and business customers the option to register a Tag account – for use on most toll roads in Ireland – or the M50 Video account – for use on the M50 only – with two convenient payment options: Bill pay and Top-up.


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The Accounts

The eFlow Tag account for hassle-free journeys across Ireland

Wherever you drive in the Republic of Ireland, from the Dublin Port Tunnel to the N8 Fermoy Bypass and beyond, an eFlow tag in your vehicle ensures rapid passage through express lanes at most barrier toll points, saving you from queuing and hunting for change at the cashier’s booth.

With an eFlow Tag account, you’ll also enjoy a €1.00 reduction on every M50 journey you make, and with pay-monthly or top-up billing options, you won’t have to make a penalty payment ever again – eFlow customers are free from the next-day deadline.

With a low-cost monthly administration fee of €1.00 + VAT per tag, an eFlow Tag account allows hassle-free journeys on the below listed toll roads in Ireland:

  • M50 Barrier-Free Toll
  • M3 (Clonee – Kells)
  • M4 (Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad)
  • N6 (Galway – Ballinasloe)
  • N8 (Rathcormac – Fermoy Bypass)
  • Limerick Tunnel
  • East-Link Bridge
  • Dublin Port Tunnel
  • M1 (Drogheda)
  • M7/M8 (Portlaoise)
  • N25 (Waterford)

Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive (EVTI)

From June 2018, electric vehicle owners registered with a Tag Account will see a reduction in tolling costs on some Irish toll roads. The Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive (EVTI) hopes to encourage more road users to consider electric vehicles. Find out more

The Video account for M50 users

Whether you’re a frequent user of the M50 or not, it can be easy to forget about the next-day payment deadline until the penalty letters start arriving. But with the M50 Video account option, you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again!

With toll charges payable on a bill-pay or top-up basis, occasional and frequent M50 users alike are freed from paying their toll before 8pm the next day, and are charged €0.50 less per journey than unregistered customers. Unlike any other account option currently available, there’s no monthly administration charge.

Payment Methods

Being an eFlow customer means you will be able to pay your tolls in a way that suits you. Best of all, our online account management tools give you the power to change your payment details and options, and view your transaction history and statements whenever you desire.

Bill pay customers pay their toll charges in one monthly lump sum.

If you opt to become a bill pay customer, you’ll receive your statement for your previous month’s toll journeys at the beginning of each month.

Top-up customers pre-pay their toll charges before they drive.

As a top-up customer, we’ll automatically take a payment from your eFlow account credit each time you pass through a toll point. When you reach the low-balance threshold of €12.00, we’ll top up your account via your chosen payment method and amount (min. €30.00, max. €250.00) so you’re never in the red.

eFlow and Your Business

Your business can save both time and money with an eFlow business account, whether it’s through use of express lanes countrywide, reduced M50 tolls, or freedom from next day payment deadlines and paying with coins.

With industry-unique account managers standing by to administer your Tag or Video account and answer your queries, your fleet is supported as it travels the length and breadth of Ireland. Whatever the hour or time of year, you and your selected account administrators will have full access to your business account online, allowing you to keep track of your vehicles’ journeys. You’ll also have the ability to edit and update all of your payment details, and much more.

eFlow gives you the ability to manage one tolling account for all of your vehicles with complete efficiency.