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We are aware of suspicious text messages claiming to be from eFlow. Please do not open any links from these messages. For more information click here.

eFlow Fraudulent Text Messages

by eFlow

Think before you click. 

In recent months scammers have targeted people nationwide with fraudulent texts claiming to be from eFlow. These smishing attempts typically send an urgent message asking recipients to click on a link, which can lead to the extraction of personal financial information and theft. 

Please note:

  • eFlow does not send links in text messages. If you receive one, delete immediately. 
  • Our system has not been compromised or subjected to a data breach.  

Be Aware

What scammers are doing:

  • These scam messages can be received by anyone, including eFlow customers. 
  • Scammers have created professional-looking fake websites that imitate eFlow’s website.  
  • Messages typically direct recipients to follow a link to where the urgent action is directed to be taken.  

Don’t Click

What you can do to protect yourself:

  • If you received a text claiming to be from eFlow with a link, do not click it, report to scam@netcraft.com and delete the message. 
  • If you clicked on a suspicious link, please contact your bank immediately. 
  • If you require further information please go to the eFlow website. 

Be Savvy

Tips for spotting a scam:

  • Be cautious of unsolicited messages. Scammers often use such messages to obtain personal information. 
  • If something seems suspicious, it probably is. 

Stay safe, be scam savvy and think before you click! 

Please see some examples below of scam messages currently in circulation so you know what to look out for: 

1 Jun, 2023