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eFlow does not send links in text messages. If you receive one, delete immediately. Our system has not been compromised or subjected to a data breach. For more information click here.

Phone Fraud

eFlow you first

Phone fraud is one of the most common ways scammers target potential victims by contacting you by phone text claiming to be from a reputable organisation such as a bank, service provider or government body. During the conversation or text message, the scammer will look for personal, financial or security information to make a financial transaction.

The communication will typically come with a sense of urgency asking you to “verify”, “update”, “reactivate”, their account. Scams often indicate a payment failure or toll to be paid, calling for immediate action. Scammers will give you little time to reason or question the legitimacy of the question.

Some scam texts may include a link which will download malicious software to your device once clicked. The scammer will use the information gathered to steal money from your bank account.

While current scams are focused on text messages, a scammer may also call you claiming to be from eFlow informing you of an unpaid toll, penalties related to a toll journey, expired payment details or account suspension. eFlow will never directly contact you via phone call or text to confirm or update personal information.

If you receive a suspicious link, please report the exact website name by email to scam@netcraft.com or on the web to https://report.netcraft.com.

To become more aware and savvy to scams remember the below tips:

  • Be wary of unsolicited phone calls or voicemails.
  • Never provide personal information unless you have confirmed the speaker is an official representative from the organisation by:
    a) Take the caller’s number and tell them you will call them back once the number has been verified. b) Look up the organisations phone number and validate it.c) Do not call the number provided as it could be fake.d) If the caller is genuine they will understand and await your reply.
  • Don’t respond to texts seeking financial information.
  • Fraudsters may have personal information about you (name, address, Eircode) to trick you into believing they are legitimate. Do not assume they are genuine because they have these details.
  • You can independently check the caller’s identity by calling the number on another phone line.
  • eFlow will never ask you for personal information or payment details via text or phone call.

Stay safe and think before you click!