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Systems Upgrade Update
by eFlow
In August 2021 a new system was implemented for eFlow operations, since then we have been undertaking a sequence of developments to optimise our service. This has resulted in the eFlow website and customer service channels experiencing some technical issues.

These issues have resulted in increased contact to eFlow customer service agents and communication channels, which in turn has increased current call waiting and handling times. We appreciate that this is frustrating for our customers and are working hard to remedy the situation.

Customer service is a top priority for eFlow and as such several measures are currently being put in place. These include, increasing the number of customer service agents deployed, and also introducing additional measures and supports so that agents can respond and resolve customer queries in a more-timely manner. For customers experiencing difficulties in contacting eFlow to resolve an issue, leniency is being applied to ensure customers are not financially impacted.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any customers who have been impacted by the recent service issues.

6 Oct, 2021