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Tourist Information

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Tourist Information

I am a Tourist, what should I do?

If your vehicle is not registered in the Republic of Ireland, you must manually select your vehicle class in the dropdown box labelled “Vehicle class” when making a payment online. You can then continue with your payment.

Alternatively, a tourist / visitor account can be created. This is a temporary account. It is best suited for customers that will use the M50 Toll for a specific time period.

Benefits of a tourist/ visitor account include:

  • Discounted toll rate on the M50
  • Management of your own start and end date for your account
  • Online access to view your transactions and payment history
I am a tourist/ visitor, how do I sign up for an account?

You can sign up for an eFlow tourist/ visitor account here.

Can I close my tourist/ visitor account earlier than my selected end date?

Yes, please log into your account at eflow.ie and amend your end date.

Can I get a refund of any credit left on my account?

Yes, once all transactions have been posted to your account, any remaining credit will be refunded automatically.

Can I use my tourist / visitor account for all toll roads in the Republic of Ireland?

No, this account is only for use on the M50 Motorway.

How can I pay the M50 toll before I travel

The easiest way to pay your M50 toll for new road users is to pre-pay. You can pay online at eflow.ie, by phoning our contact centre on +353 1 4610122 or 0818 501050 or you can pay in person with cash or card at any retail outlet with a Payzone sign in the Republic of Ireland.

Sign-up for a temporary tourist/visitor eFlow account for discounted M50 tolls and easier billing options here.

I prepaid a journey that I didn't take

If you have prepaid a journey which you haven’t taken, the credit will remain against your license plate number for twelve months before it expires. If you don’t intend to use the credit against other journeys within that period, you can request a refund by contacting eFlow. Please include your full name, license plate number, postal address and details of your payment in your message in order to help us speed up the refund process. 




How can I pay the M50 toll after I travel but before the 8pm payment deadline?

You can pay online here, by telephoning our customer service team on +353 1 4610122 or 0818 501050 or at any Payzone retail outlet across the Republic of Ireland. 

You must have the vehicle’s license plate number ready and the number of journeys you’d like to pay for. When paying, please ensure that your vehicle’s registration plate number is entered correctly and retain your receipt for proof of payment.