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Payment Issues

We are currently aware of customers experiencing issues paying their M50 toll on our website. If for any reason you are experiencing issues, there are a few things you can try:   

  • Open a new browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Clear cookies and cache. To do this go into your browser settings in the top right-hand corner > Settings > Select “Privacy and Security” > then “Clear Browsing Data” select the Cookies and Cache option and then delete; or
  • Enable pop-ups for the website www.eflow.ie.  pop ups are enabled under site settings.
Suspicious messages

eFlow does not send links in text messages. If you receive one, delete immediately. Our system has not been compromised or subjected to a data breach. Rest assured that your data is secure. For more information, tips and examples click here.

What payment methods can I use with eFlow?

If you register for an eFlow M50 Post pay or Pre pay account, the following payment methods will be accepted on your account:

  • Visa/Master credit card 
  • Visa/Master debit card 
  • Direct Debit (from SEPA Single Euro Payments Area only)
I already paid the toll

If you believe that you’ve already paid for a toll journey and received a penalty letter in error, you can appeal your penalty here and one of our agents will review your query.

Please note, your most recent payment may have been used to pay an outstanding balance for an older, unpaid journey. This is intended to help prevent you from reaching higher penalties.

Add a payment method

To add a new payment method:

  1. Log in to eFlow.ie with your username and password.
  2. Click on ‘My Details’ in the account overview section.
  3. Click the ‘Edit Payment Method’ button.
  4. Select whether the new payment method is a credit card, debit card or direct debit.
  5. Select the ‘Add a Payment Method’ button.
  6. Fill in your card details required details and confirm by clicking ‘Save Details’.
  7. You may be asked to provide two factor authentication to verify your payment method through SMS.

Your new payment method should appear on your account.

Remove a payment method

To remove a payment method from your eFlow account:

  1. Log in to eFlow.ie with your username and password.
  2. Click on ‘My Details’ on the account overview page.
  3. Click on the ‘Edit Payment Method’ button.
    Please note: An active payment method must be on your account. If you only have one payment method, you will need to add an additional payment method before removing a payment method. You need to set this method as your primary payment method.
  4. Click the ‘Rubbish Bin’ icon of the payment method you would like to remove.
  5. Select ‘Ok’ to confirm you would like to remove the payment method.
  6. Your payment method should no longer appear in your account.


Set your primary payment method

If you wish to set another payment method on your account as your primary payment method, you must:

  1. Log in to eFlow.ie with your username and password.
  2. Click on ‘My Details’ in the account overview section.
  3. Click the ‘Edit Payment Method’ button.
  4. Select ‘Primary’ in the drop down menu under the ‘Payment Priority’ column of the card you would like to make your primary payment method.
  5. Please note you cannot have two primary payment methods at the same time. Select ‘Alternate 1’ in the drop-down menu under the ‘Payment Priority’ column of the card you would like as your secondary payment method.
Making a payment on your M50 Toll account

If you have a Post pay account, you can make a one-off payment for transactions/journeys against your outstanding balance by clicking the ‘Pay Outstanding’ option in the ‘Account – Overview’ section.

If your account is in suspension, it will not be reactivated until the outstanding balance on your account has been cleared, and your account has a valid payment method.



Making a payment on your prepay account

If you have a prepay account, you can add credit to your account by clicking on the ‘Statements and Payments’ option in the ‘Account Overview’ section.

 Click the ‘Top Up Payment’ button. Here you can make a payment by entering the amount you would like to top up your account by, using an existing payment method or a new credit/debit card. Click the ‘pay’ button. You will be prompted to confirm you would like to make a payment and select ‘Ok’ if you would like to top up your account.

If your account is in suspension, it will not be reactivated until the negative balance on your account has been cleared and a valid payment method is added to the account.

Please note: Payments are taken on an automatic schedule and manual payments are not necessary.

When is payment taken every month?

For Post-Pay accounts your payment date is displayed under the ‘Invoices and Payments’ heading.  

In the case of pre-pay accounts, we will automatically request a payment from your credit/debit card or direct debit once your balance falls below the account threshold of €12.00. Payment will be taken from your account between the 12th and 18th of each month.

Can my payment date be changed?

At present, it is not possible to change the date when payment will be automatically taken from your eFlow account.

If would like to avoid an automatic payment being made by eFlow towards near your billing period, you can make a manual payment against the amount outstanding on your account.

How can I change my top-up amount on my Pre Pay account?

This feature us currently not available on eflow.ie. If you need to change your top-up amount, please contact us and a member of our customer service team will be able to change you top-up amount.

Please note: The minimum top-up amount is €30.00, and the maximum is €1000.00. If you require a larger top-up amount, please contact us. Your account is automatically topped up once your balance falls under the minimum threshold of €12.00.



My account is in suspension, how can I fix this?

Your account has become suspended because we were not able to successfully take payment from your registered payment method on two occasions.

There are two steps to reactivate your eFlow account:

  1. Pay off the full outstanding balance.
  2. Update the payment details on your account.

To pay the balance on your account, log into your account and click ‘Make Payment’. Once you’ve paid your outstanding fees, click ‘back to my account’. You will be told to add a valid payment method, click ‘ok’ and login in to your eflow account. You will be prompted to update your payment details, click ‘add payment method’. Once your payment method has been successfully updated, click ok. Login to your eflow account to successfully reactivate your account.

Once the full outstanding balance is paid and a valid payment method is added, your account will be no longer be suspended and your tag will become active.

Please note: Due to account suspension, journeys cannot be added to the registered account. If a tag registered account becomes suspended, the tag will become inactive and will not work on the M50 toll or any other toll roads. Any M50 journeys made by your vehicle(s) while your account is suspended will be charged at the unregistered rate. This means that you will have to pay your toll by the following day 8pm deadline to avoid late penalties. At toll booths, you will have to stop and pay at the booth if your account is suspended.


SEPA and Direct Debit Payments

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is an EU initiative designed to change the way electronic payments are processed in the EU (including the United Kingdom). This means that making a payment in any SEPA zone country will be no different to making a payment in Ireland.

Previously, direct debits worked by using bank account numbers and sort codes. With SEPA, these are replaced by International Bank Account Number (IBANs) and Bank Identifier Codes (BICs).

New or Updating Direct Debit Customers

For new eFlow customers, or those updating their direct debit payment method, you will need your BIC and IBAN to set up a direct debit with eFlow. You will get these numbers from your bank statements or you can go to the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland to help you generate the details you require.

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