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Signing Up

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Signing Up

Why sign up for an eFlow account?

An eFlow account will enable you to pay your M50 tolls automatically and at a discounted rate. Registering for an eFlow account, users can avail of video tolling or tag tolling. Video tolling will save you €0.60 on every M50 journey and there’s no account management fee. Click here for more information. Our Tag tolling option offers further discounts and applies a €1 fee plus VAT per tag each month.

What type of account would suit me?

Registering for an eFlow account is a cheaper and easier tolling solution.

Once a valid payment method is active on the account, all M50 toll journeys made by the vehicles on your account will be automatically applied to the account. You can choose between a pre-pay or post pay eFlow account. Vehicles added to your eFlow account can avail of video tolling or tag tolling options or a combination of both options if you have multiple vehicles on your account.

For frequent users of the M50 Toll Road, a tag tolling option is our recommended option as it provides the most discounts to your toll journeys. To decide which option is best for you and for a full breakdown of video tolling and tag tolling rates, please view our toll calculator.

For visitors using the M50 Toll Road, a tourist/visitor account is setup with a start and end date which would be suitable for visitors to Dublin using the M50 Toll Road for a specified timeframe. This type of account must be a pre-pay account with video tolling.


An eFlow ‘Business’ tolling account allows users to manage toll charges for five or more company vehicles. You can add an unlimited number of vehicles to the account and keep track of all your vehicles, journeys and payments online. If you have any questions about your account, our dedicated business account managers are on hand to help out.

If your business has a fleet of more than twenty vehicles, you can complete your registration over the phone under the guidance of a dedicated fleet account manager by calling 0818 50 50 80. Your ‘Business’ account can be an eFlow tag or video tolling.  You can choose between a pre-pay or post pay eFlow account.

Pre-Pay or Post Pay

Both pre-pay and post pay accounts allow users to select video tolling or tag tolling for the vehicles registered to their account. Different discounts apply for video tolling and tag tolling (see our toll calculator here).

Pre-Pay customers have their toll charges automatically deducted from a prepaid balance whenever a journey is made.

After setting up a Pre-pay account, an initial deduction of €40.00 will be taken from your chosen payment method.

Once your account balance goes below your low-balance threshold of €12, it is topped up automatically using the payment method on your account. This top amount is a minimum of €30.00 and a maximum of €1000.00. If you require a larger top-up amount, please contact us.

With a post pay account, all of your toll charges for one month are consolidated into a single payment. Payment is taken between the 12th and 18th of the following month from your registered payment method.

Switch between Post Pay or Pre Pay

Unfortunately you currently cannot switch between account types. To switch account types, you will need to close your account and open a new account selecting the other account type.